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Pads And Protectors FAQ

Which mattress pads are the best

100% cotton is our number one seller.  Our cotton pad has an extra level of softness and support at the same time.  Our Australian wool pad is reversible, with wool on one side and cotton on the other.  Wool acts as a natural insulator, keeping you warm and comfortable on those winter nights, and since wool wicks moisture, it aids in regulating body temperature, thus keeping you cool in the summer as well.  Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and dustmite resistant.

Are mattress pads necessary

Mattress pads are a necessity unless your bed is just for display and no one will be sleeping on it.  Mattress pads help keep a barrier between you and the mattress.  Most people sweat enough to fill a water bottle in one night.  Skin cells, dander and hair all fall of your body as you sleep.  All these things combined without the use of a mattress pad would go straight into your mattress.  The life of a mattress is about ten years, so without the use of a pad on your mattress think about how many water bottles of sweat would accumulate in your mattress over that period of time.  A good mattress pad can last you for the life of the mattress.  Make sure to wash your pads on a regular basis so it remains clean as well.

Are mattress pads water proof

There are some pads out there that are made of heavy plastic, but at Tranquil.Design we believe in products that are breathable and more natural when you sleep.  We recommend buying a disposable liner that can be placed on the part of the bed that you need complete water proof protection.  Instead we have developed our down alternative pad.  It’s constructed of a layer of Comforel, which is a poly fiber, this creates a stronger barrier from leakage then a typical cotton or wool pad would provide.  Again it is not fully waterproof like a piece of plastic.

Are mattress pads worth the money

For the cost, a mattress pad is well worth the money.   It will increase the life of your mattress by protecting it from sweat, skin cells, dander and hair.  Think of it this way, you spent $2000 on your mattress that you hope will last about ten years.   You spend $200 on a mattress pad to protect your mattress.  A mattress pad is one of the best investments you can make.

Are mattress pads recyclable

Down, wool and cotton pads are natural fibers so if thrown into the trash they will decompose.  A poly mattress pad is a manmade fiber.  Polyester is basically a plastic so therefore when thrown away we do not know how long it takes to decompose if ever.  We recommend natural fibers when you sleep to help regulate your body temperature along with these items being better for our environment.

Are mattress pads bad for your back

A mattress pad has not been proven to be bad for you back.  Some pads actually can help add some cushion if you have a mattress that is too firm or old. 

Are mattress pads washable

At Tranquil.Design we offer down, poly, cotton and wool pads.  All our products are machine washable.  We do not recommend dry cleaning our pads because of the materials they are constructed of can be broken down by the chemicals during the dry cleaning process.

Can mattress pads go in the dryer

All Tranquil.Design mattress pads can be washed in a machine and placed into a dryer when cleaning our products.

Will mattress pads make you sweat

Mattress pads made of cotton or wool are the best pads for hot sleepers. They can actually keep you cooler and regulate your body temperature.  Down and poly pads are what we would recommend for someone who is extremely cold when they sleep and they need that extra warmth.  Down is an insulator, so creates warmth and poly is a synthetic fiber so not breathable like a natural fiber.  Again, down and poly pads would create more warmth when someone is sleeping so not recommended for a hot sleeper.

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