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Down Pillows And Comforters FAQ

Can down pillows and comforters be washed

The outer shells of down pillows and comforters are made of 100% cotton. Down is a natural fiber that is filled in the pillows and comforters. You never want to dry clean natural products. This will break down the materials and will lessen the life of the products. Washing your down products in a machine is what is recommended. Washing the down on a warm setting and a delicate cycle and use a linen wash will extend the life of your products. We recommend using a machine without an agitator in the middle. You never want to jam a comforter into a machine that is too small. You can always take your comforters to a dry cleaners, but request for them to be washed and not dry cleaned.

Can down pillows and comforters be washed in a washing machine

Down pillows and comforters should always be washed in a washing machine. Dry cleaning your down products will break the fibers down and cause wear and tear on the down and cotton. Down and cotton are natural fibers that need to be washed naturally with a linen wash to prevent breakage. You need a washer that does not have an agitator in it and will want to wash on gentle and warm. You can take your down products to a dry cleaners, but make sure and request washing and not dry cleaning the products. 

Are down pillows and comforters ethical

Choosing down over a polyester, rayon or foam fill is much more environmentally friendly. Synthetic filled pillows and comforters go straight to the landfills and either take centuries to decompose or not at all. Far less down is needed in weight then in synthetic fillings, therefore creating less waste.

When do you replace down pillows

There is not a technical rule with pillows associated with a time to replace them. This all depends on the amount of use and care the individual has taken to uses the pillow. Most good quality down pillows can last you anywhere from 5 to 10 years. People that prefer firm pillows might want to replace their pillows more frequently than someone who sleeps on a soft pillow. Down pillows do become softer over time. Washing your pillows frequently as well as monthly spins on hot in a dryer will extend the life of your pillows. We also recommend using pillow protectors on all sleeping pillows. Protectors help keep sweat and drool from getting into your pillow, again extending the longevity of the products.

Which down pillows are the best

When nothing but the very best will do, our 800+ Siberian White Goose Down is handpicked from the choicest, premium, specially bred Siberian geese. This down will deliver incredible loft and insulating warmth. Our down is hypo allergenic and the European shells are made of down proof ticking. This allows your pillow to breathe but also helps keep down from escaping through the fabric. The outer fabric is made of 100% cotton sateen.

Are down pillows and comforters worth the cost

Down is nature’s premier fill and insulator because of the ability to breathe, and lift away moisture from the sleeper. Down products out last synthetic due to the fact synthetic products attract dust mites more than a down product does. We recommend customers who buy down alternative products to throw them away after one year of use, where as a down product could last years. Down products do not clump the way a synthetic product does over time. Our pillows and comforters are also constructed with European down proof ticking fabric. Our fabric is specifically made to keep down from leaking out of the pillows and comforters.

Which down comforters are the best

When nothing but the very best will do, our 800+ Siberian White Goose Down is handpicked from the choicest, premium, specially bred Siberian geese. This down will deliver incredible loft and insulating warmth. Our down is hypo allergenic and the European shells are made of down proof ticking. This keeps the down from escaping from the shell. Our baffle box design means an overall better product-with optimum lofting, even distribution and greater durability. Our three dimensional baffle box design features interior walls that connect the top and bottom fabrics along the stitching lines, for a better loo, a better feel and a longer life.

How down pillows and comforters are made

Down is found on the bellies and chests of geese and ducks. The down clusters are located underneath the birds main feathers. They look like little cotton balls with a round center called plumule. Each plumule has thousands of tiny fibers emanating from its core. These are what we use to fill pillows and comforters depending on the weight of the products. Pillows are either soft, medium or firm and comforters come in summer, all year and winter weight.

How to dry down pillows

If drying pillows at home place two pillows maximum into the dryer. We recommend placing unused tennis balls in with the pillows to help during the dry cycle. Dry the pillows on high heat and make sure your pillows are completely dry before placing on your bed. We also recommend once a month placing your pillows into a drying on high heat to help bring the down back to life. Pillows can start to acquire sweat or drool and by placing the pillows in a hot dryer can whisk away any moisture that might have built up and your pillow will feel and look like new after a quick spin on a hot dryer.

Why down pillows and comforters are better than down alternative

Down is a natural choice in more ways than one. Down is nature’s premier fill and insulator. Because down is so lightweight, it’s one of the most comfortable and desired fills for a blanket or comforter. Down also has the amazing ability to breathe, lifting moisture away from the sleeper. Far less down is needed in weight than other fillings, which means a much lighter, but warmer product.

What are feather and down pillows

Pillows constructed of feather and down are basically used for decoration pillows. For instance you might have a small boudoir or a euro pillow on your bed. You don’t sleep on these pillows since they are just decorative. These types of pillows people usually prefer to be filled out. The feathers mixed with the down help create a good fill for these types of pillows. There are some people that prefer extremely hard, firm pillows to sleep on. This might be the only case where someone would want to sleep on a pillow of this sort. Most would get a stiff neck from a pillow this firm though. We offer pillows in 95/5 and 50/50 for shams. We also can do custom sizing if needed. All our deco pillows are hypo allergenic.

Why would a down pillow smell

:A down pillow would smell if the manufacture did not clean and sterilize the product before producing it. There are many vendors out there that do not comply with government standards when it comes to down. This is where the misconception that people are allergic to down came from. Down is a natural fiber and the only way someone would be allergic to it is because the vendor did not wash the product before production. We at Downright go above government standards for washing and rinsing all our down products. We offer some of the highest quality in the industry.

How to freshen down pillows

Down pillows need to be washed several times a year in a washing machine. Do not ever dry clean your down pillows, this will cause the down to break down as well as the outer fabric shell. At least once a month place your pillows in the dryer on high heat to bring the pillow back to life. You will be amazed at how your pillow will look brand new when you remove it from the dryer.

Difference between duck and goose down

There are two different types of down, that which comes from ducks and then geese. Ducks are smaller animals therefore the down that is produced on the underbellies of this animal is going to be smaller compared to that of a goose. A goose is a larger bird and therefore has larger down clusters that it will produce. The colder the climate and the more mature the bird the larger the size down clusters the animal will produce. So a more expensive pillow or comforter would come from a cold climate from a mature goose. Always read labels and descriptions when buying down. Your labels tell a lot about the quality you are buying.

Can down pillows and comforters cause allergies

Down products that have not been properly cleaned and sterilized can cause allergies. At Downright we go above government standards to ensure all our products are of the upmost quality. We use and exclusive Oxy-D down cleaning process, the down goes through a unique double wash and quadruple rinse program in order to ensure that every product is pure, authentic and hypoallergenic.

Down Pillow Sleepers Guide

Down pillows for side sleepers
Side sleepers prefer a firm pillow that provides more support and positions the head, neck and shoulders in harmonious horizontal alignment.
Down pillows for stomach sleepers
Stomach sleepers prefer a soft, plump pillow that cushions and supports the head and neck gently, while allowing the head to sink into the perfect level.
Down pillows for back sleepers
Back pillows prefer medium density pillow that positions the head and neck in line with the natural curvature of the spine.
Down pillows for couch
Pillows for deco pillows on a sofa depend on what kind you like personally. At Tranquil.Design we carry 95/5, 50/50 and all down filled pillows. The more feathers you add to a pillow the firmer it will be. Most people prefer the 50/50 blend or all down. We offer standard sizes but also can do custom sized fills. Please email us for a quote if you have a special size you do not see available on our site.

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